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8 Games Coming to PlayStation 4 This Week



No Man's Sky

The PlayStation 4 will see the arrival of eight games this week, starting on August 13 (Monday). 

The complete list of games coming to PlayStation 4 this week is as follows:

  • Ancestors Legacy (Digital)
  • Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes (Digital)
  • Exception (Digital)
  • Genesis (Digital)
  • Gravity Duck (Digital)
  • No Man’s Sky Beyond (Digital)
  • PC Building Simulator (Digital)
  • Vasara Collection (Digital)

Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes, Exception, and No Man’s Sky Beyond will release on Tuesday, August 14.

Gravity Duck will be cross-buy — with a version also launching for Sony’s all-but-dead PlayStation Vita handheld system. Vasara Collection will also release for the Vita but appears not to support cross-buy. This means that interested parties would have to purchase two copies if they wanted to play it on both their PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita systems.

No Man's Sky

Image courtesy of No Man’s Sky official website.

No Man’s Sky Beyond

The most interesting game coming to the PlayStation ecosystem this week is undoubtedly No Man’s Sky Beyond — which is actually just a large-scale update to the original and highly-controversial No Man’s Sky. The game will now support PlayStation VR (and other VR headsets on PC), expanded multiplayer functionality with 32-player support, and a purported ‘2.0’ version of the game.

No Man’s Sky 2.0 will apparently bring with it the ability to ride creatures, cook, and offer improvements for base building.

No Man’s Sky Beyond will be free for everyone who currently owns the original game.

No Man's Sky

Image courtesy of No Man’s Sky official website.

Too Little, Too Late?

Few games have seen such disappointment from the masses upon launch this generation as No Man’s Sky. As one of the most hyped games in recent memory, Hello Games’ title launched on August 9, 2016, with very little actual content — which left a bad taste in many players’ mouths. However, the developers have stuck with the game and repeatedly updated it over the past three years.

What do you think of No Man’s Sky Beyond and the other titles coming to PlayStation this week? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of No Man’s Sky official website.

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