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Anthem Still Searching for Pre-Cataclysm Redemption




Rarely have we seen such game development mismanagement as in the case of Anthem — but, instead of abandoning it, Bioware keeps patching it.

In the last few years, some top game development studios seem to have lost their ability to properly develop games — no matter how much money is on the table.

Fallout 76, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and, now, Anthem were all botched to such an extent that you can’t even say they were unpolished. ‘Unfinished’ may be the better term.

After Mass Effect: Andromeda, which was promptly abandoned, a lot was expected from the Bioware’s long-standing Destiny challenger, Anthem. Even worse than Fallout 76 in terms of the sheer amount of bugs and half-completed features, Anthem still a sound premise. Unfortunately, Bioware’s management botched every aspect of executing what sounded like a fun and sound concept.

Long gone, some fear, are the studio’s golden days of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Still, there is some hope left.

Anthem Pre-Cataclysm Event Megathread: Discussion and Questions from AnthemTheGame

Similarly to Fallout 76, all development for expansions has been put on hold. Instead, the focus is on securing the core features of the game — something you would normally expect for an AAA game to have upon its release. We no longer live in such an era. This is how drastically the gaming industry standards have fallen.

We can only thank the co-op focus of Anthem for it to not yet be completely abandoned.


Image courtesy of EA/Anthem Media.

In anticipation of the Cataclysm event, the Pre-Cataclysm update includes the following changes:

  • Three new challenges for Freeplay mode only:
    1. Destroy crystals in the Bastion area.
    2. Crystal World Events.
    3. Vanquishing crystallized enemies.

Doing these challenges will bank you in-game coin and exclusive decals for your javelin — standard fare you see in most free-to-play games.

The main major update/event, Cataclysm, is coming up in just two weeks — so that will be a good time to determine if Anthem will have any future at all.

What do you think of Anthem? Let us know in the comments below!

Image courtesy of EA/Anthem Media, Reddit/ATG_Bot.

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