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Apex Legends Expands Training Ground



Apex Legends

Respawn’s battle royale venture is a slick first-person shooter but it left many features behind in order to focus on the core gameplay. Season 3 will expand some of the undeveloped features, turning Training Ground into Firing Range.

As a sign of times, people were still being surprised when Apex Legends forced you to play as a black female character, Lifeline, in its tutorial mode. (Those who understand that modern social trends focus on the inversion of reality were not as surprised.)

It appears that some Apex Legends devs decided it was too on the nose. Season 3 will have a proper training mode that allows you to play any character you want.

The new and improved training ground will allow you to switch characters on the fly β€” which is extremely useful for new players to understand the possible ability synergies of your team. Although reflexes and shooting accuracy are still paramount for success, timely deployment of abilities can be critical to vanquish the opposing team.

In addition to unlocking all characters, the Firing Range will be populated with all possible loot variations within the entire rarities range. You can even form up a party for some dummy shooting practice.

Apex Legends

Image courtesy of EA.

The rest of the Apex Devstream consisted of some early development environments and concepts β€” including a hefty session of community fan art.

If you are considering revisiting Apex Legends, outside of the new training mode, Season 3 brings:

  • A new map called the World’s Edge, which is actually on a new planet.
  • A new weapon β€” charge rifle β€” which dispatches a continuous beam instead of energy rounds.
  • Crypto character with his drone-focused abilities.

In case you missed it, here is the trailer for Season 3, dubbed Meltdown.

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Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, EA.

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