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Arma 3 Introduces Alien Menace with Contact DLC



Arma 3

Departing from its long-standing tradition as a highly-realistic military-sim, the Arma 3 ‘Contact’ expansion pits players against mysterious aliens.

Although one would think that putting aliens as your enemy would degrade your reputation as a military simulator, does it really? After all, considering the unfathomable expanse of the universe, it is highly unlikely that aliens don’t exist.

Still, the problem remains — how do you construct something, convincingly, which we have not yet encountered in reality?

If anyone is up for that job, it’s Czech developers Bohemia Interactive.

At the time of writing this article, a 10-percent discount is still active on the Steam store. However, before you plunge in, let’s see what the Contact DLC brings to the Arma 3 table:

  • A fully-crafted single-player campaign: The story begins with you as a NATO drone operator on the front-lines of a first contact scenario. At first, nobody is aware of what’s going on as a mysterious object is unraveled from the ground. From then on, the events spiral out of control in the fictional Eastern European nation of Livonia. This is further exacerbated by existing political tensions in the region, meaning that you have to be wary of human enemies as well.
  • A new map of about 160 square kilometers size.
  • New factions: Livonian Defense Force and Russian Spetsnaz.
  • Five new weapons, along with new vehicles and gear — all of which are available in both campaign and sandbox mode.
  • New multiplayer scenarios.

Overall, Arma 3 Contact provides an atmospheric contrast between a hardcore military sim and an inhuman enemy. So far, the reviews are largely positive.

Arma 3

Image courtesy of IGDB/Arma 3 press kit.

You can also get the base game, alongside the Contact DLC, with Arma 3 Contact Edition — which would cost you about $10 more.

Currently, all the offerings are under Steam discount.

What do you think of Arma 3 Contact? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of IGDB/Arma 3 press kit, Twitter/@Arma3official.

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