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Artificial Extinction Expands the Tower Defense Genre



Artificial Extinction

After Defense Grid and Sanctum, Artificial Extinction has the potential to be a new milestone for the tower defense genre.

Tower defense games are built around a simple concept — you must defend something against waves of enemies. Execution of such a concept can manifest in many ways, but it is safe to say that Defense Grid: The Awakening achieved the pinnacle of the classic vision of the tower defense genre. Combining coherent and high-quality visuals, upgradeable towers, varied types of enemies, bosses, maze-building, and engaging storyline, Defense Grid defined the genre.

Then came Sanctum, which put all of those ingredients into a first-person shooter-tower defense hybrid.

Artificial Extinction seemingly ditches the maze-building tower defense aspect for a more immersive and realistic experience.

Say what you will about the importance of visual fidelity, but Artificial Extinction soars high in both graphics and animations. It’s a refreshing respite from the hundreds of pixel-art indie games. Indeed, let no one tell you that indie games have to have poor visuals. 100 Hr Games managed to pull it off just fine. Hopefully, the studio’s name is also a solid indication of the number of hours you can expect to spend in Artificial Extinction.

Artificial Extinction

Image courtesy of Artificial Extinction.

In order to survive the robotic onslaught in Artificial Extinction, you must collect enough fuel for you and your family to escape in nine days.

You will be able to defend yourself and the mining rig by deploying sentries. How you deploy the sentries will be critical, as you must take into account terrain elevation, cone of fire, the vector of attacks, types of sentries, and types of enemies.

The AI, both real and in-game, is supposed to be an adaptive kind. This is always a delicate balance to achieve, so we will see how it turns out on January 16, 2020.

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube.

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