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Battlefield V Update 4.2.1 Deploying Today



Battlefield V Chapter 3

The developers behind first-person shooter video game Battlefield V are launching update 4.2.1 today — July 30, 2019. In fact, by the time you read this, the update may already be live.

Battlefield V update 4.2 deployed last week, and 4.2.1 will bring a pair of small updates.

First and foremost, 4.2.1 will enable Marita.

Secondly, the update will bring two new Elites.

The total size of the update is expected to be around 500MB on the Xbox One and 300MB on the PC. The PlayStation 4 update size for Battlefield V has yet to be specified.

Battlefield V

Image courtesy of EA.

The PC version of Battlefield V will update at 1AM PT (4AM ET, 9AM BST, 10 AM CEST). The PlayStation 4 version will update at 2AM PT (5AM ET, 10AM BST, 11AM CEST). The Xbox version 3AM PT (6AM ET, 11AM BST, 12 CEST).

At 12PM CEST, Marita will be activated across all platforms alongside a Marita-only playlist that rotates between a single round of Conquest and a pair of rounds of Breakthrough. Marita will also be added to the general rotations for the Conquest, Breakthrough, and Team Deathmatch game modes.

The update should not cause users to experience any significant downtime.

Ilse and Norman will go live in the store two hours after Marita becomes available in the rotations.

Today is also the last day to earn this week’s Weekly Mission Reward, as the Challenge closes on Wednesday.

Other related events this week include the start of Defying the Odds Week 6 and a Quality of Life Tracker Update on Thursday. DICE Friends Nominations will close on Friday when the Nvidia GeForce RTX & Battlefield V Screenshot Contest commences.

What do you think of Battlefield V Update 4.2 and the quick 4.2.1 update? Is EA doing a good job of supporting the popular title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of EA, Twitter/@Battlefield.

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