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First Eerie Borderlands 3 DLC Coming in October



Borderlands 3

In the vein of the first Borderlands’ very first DLC β€” The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned β€” Borderlands 3 continues the creepy tradition with a Halloween-themed DLC Bloody Harvest.

Thanks to the efforts of data miner Stephen Chapman, we already had a good idea of Borderlands 3’s upcoming free content a week after Borderlands 3 released. Now that the beans have been spilled, the Bloody Harvest DLC β€” set to be released in October β€” has been officially detailed by Gearbox.

If you are a fan of first-person shooters, you are probably aware of the established practice of transforming enemies with seasonal skins. The best example of this practice is Killing Floor 2, with its Christmas, Halloween, and Cyberpunk mutant variations.

The same is the case with Borderlands 3’s Bloody Harvest. Here are some of the Halloween-inspired gameplay tweaks you can expect:

  • Enemies, now haunted in the game’s world, will be able to spawn ghosts. These ghosts can then temporarily debuff your character’s perks with a ‘terror’ curse.
  • A new resource, Hecktoplasm, can be collected to offer to your new NPC, Maurice, who is a dinosaur-like creature you can find on your ship. When you collect enough Hecktoplasm, Maurice will unlock the Bloody Harvest region.
  • In the Bloody Harvest territory, you can expect to encounter rakks with pumpkin heads that spew fire, alongside Maliwan troops.
  • The boss to beat will be the creepy, skeletal version of Captain Truant from the main storyline. Of course, he will be called Captain Haunt.
Borderlands 3

Image courtesy of IGDB.

Naturally, as Borderlands 3’s gameplay revolves around loot, you will have an opportunity to acquire two new guns, a grenade mod, and a shield. On top of that, new customization options will be unlocked for all Vault Haunters β€” including an ECHO skin and a global weapon skin.

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Images/videos courtesy of YouTube.

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