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Concrete Genie PlayStation 4 Release Date Confirmed



Concrete Genie

The long wait for a release date since the announcement of Concrete Genie in 2017 is finally over. The game will release on October 8 in the United States and October 9 in Europe. 

As game design ideas go, Concrete Genie is definitely outside of the mainstream fold.

You play as a bullied young boy, Ash, who finds himself in a fishing district called Denska. Once a thriving town, Denska is now riddled with corruption and decay due to an environmental disaster.

You will play as a budding street graffiti artist. In stark contrast with the dreary urban setting, your cartoony character with his bright artistic prowess gradually begins to transform the town, with the help of his magical brush — the Concrete Genie.

Needless to say, Concrete Genie is more about the atmosphere and experience than it is about gameplay skill and heavy engagement.

Although you won’t be able to have complete freedom when painting, the sheer amount of templates at your disposal and the ways you can manipulate them will ensure that no two outcomes in Concrete Genie’s open world will be the same.

For that purpose, the game will come with a Photo Mode at launch, allowing you to compile all of your best work as a timelapse Replay. Likely, PlayStation 4 community handlers will conjure up some artistic competition with voting and prizes.

Concrete Genie

Image courtesy of IGDB/Concrete Genie press kit.

If this atmospheric and artistic exuberance is enticing enough to give you a breather from traditional games, you can already place a pre-order. The Standard Edition for €29.99 adds an Avatar set, a Dynamic Theme of a rooftop scene, and some of Sam Marshall’s soundtrack. The Deluxe Edition for €39.99 adds a Digital Artbook, the complete soundtrack by Sam Marshall, a Pond Design Pack that expands your toolset, and another Dynamic Theme of a lighthouse.

What do you think of Concrete Genie? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images/videos courtesy of IGDB/Concrete Genie press kit, YouTube/PlayStation Europe.

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