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Rocket League Tournament Played by Congresspeople



Rocket League

If you like to see the political class trying to get close to the little people they rule over, you are in for a treat! Last Wednesday, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) hosted a Rocket League tournament on Capitol Hill with the help of the Future Forum caucus.

This caucus consists entirely of Democrats, with the following participants from major states:

  • Hakeem Jeffries of New York
  • Marc Veasey of Texas
  • Katie Hill of California
  • Jimmy Gomez of California
  • Stephanie Murphy of Florida

The ESA took the effort to make this event happen in the lieu of the upcoming loot box legislation. Because most politicians are rather clueless when it comes to gaming, they need careful guidance to avoid going overboard in their attempt to correct a problem. In the case of loot boxes, this would be abusive gambling practices and pay-to-win microtransactions.

Rocket League

Image courtesy of Rocket League official site.

Moreover, the ghost of “violent video games” is appearing again under Donald Trump’s presidency. Last year, President Donald Trump held a White House meeting on the issue of violent video games. Thankfully, the ESA did its job by providing numerous scientific studies that showed no connection between video games and violence. The meeting amounted to President Donald Trump viewing a compilation clip of the most violent gaming scenes. Let’s hope that ESA will keep that ghost at bay, so the gaming industry is not burdened with crippling regulations.

It seems some of the politicians are still in the mode of “gamer stigma” talking points, which ceased to be a thing over a decade ago. With such outdated views, it is good that the ESA is trying to steer them in the right direction. (After all, the only things politicians respond to are lobby groups.)

What do you think about Capitol Hill’s Rocket League lesson? Let us know in the comments below! You can also check out the latest Google Stadia news here!

Images courtesy of IGDB/Rocket League press kit, Rocket League official site, Twitter/@theESA.

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