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Darksiders Genesis Puts a New Spin on the Series



Darksiders Genesis

The latest gameplay trailer for Darksiders Genesis shows off some unusual mechanics you can expect to see in the hack-and-slash brawler.

This month, we were treated with two major happenings in the ARPG genre:

  1. Diablo 4
  2. Path of Exile 2

Both are extremely exciting announcements for the ever-popular domain of dungeon-crawling, top-down, hack & slash, magic fireworks action. However, there is a problem β€” both Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 are a long way ahead of us.

Fortunately, Darksiders Genesis is here to fill the gap. The game is coming to PC and Google Stadia on December 5.

Darksiders Genesis is a departure from the Darksiders franchise in the sense that it is a top-down action game instead of the third-person we are used to from the likes of Kingdoms of Amalur or Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It is always difficult to take preference, but top-down style games do offer a greater overview of your character engaging countless hordes of monsters.

The skills system is more in line with Dungeon Siege 3 β€” where you have a choice of core attacks for your class, which you can then upgrade as you progress.

In the trailer, developer Airship Syndicate shows off Creature Cores mechanic. After you demolish a particular enemy (and, particularly, bosses), they drop Creature Cores, which can then be exchanged for souls at Vulgrim’s store.

Darksiders Genesis

Image courtesy of IGDB.

This acquisition system will allow you to transition between War and Strife horsemen β€” both of which can be played in co-op, or you can switch between the two while playing solo.

As for abilities, you do not only upgrade their stats but you can intrinsically shift how they perform by spawning hellhounds or adding lava trails when you dash. They can even be tweaked to affect health and ammo drops from enemies.

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, IGDB/Darksiders Genesis press kit.

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