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Death Stranding Reveals Chasm Between Journalists and Gamers



Death Stranding

Death Stranding has arrived on PlayStation 4 with an established pattern of professional critics taking a completely different approach to viewing a game’s worth than your average user.

Just recently, Joystickr reported on the welcome announcement of Death Stranding coming to PC. Unfortunately, the user reviews paint a picture of Death Stranding as one of a meme come true β€” a walking simulator interrupted by cinematic cutscenes with a minuscule amount of gameplay mechanics and depth. This is in stark opposition to professional reviews by established critics.

The troublesome trend with the latter is that even most of them acknowledge the glaring flaws while still giving it a high score. The deep flaws of the game acknowledged by both sides are as follows:

  • Lack of difficulty, no matter the setting.
  • Slow pacing and repetitive gameplay β€” of which there is very little to be had.
  • A lack of excitement.

These flaws in Death Stranding are apparently counterbalanced by fantastic visuals, cinematics, and 3D scanned actors meant to provide an ‘experience.’

Death Stranding Norman Reedus

Image courtesy of IGDB.

Unfortunately, the developers didn’t pay as much attention to the storyline as much as they did to the high production value. It’s all rather hazy and plot-holey β€” so even all the cutscenes couldn’t save the ‘experience.’

When all said and done, it really makes you wonder if it is a good idea to ever mythologize and glamourize game developers. If it were not for Hideo Kojima hype, would there even be the slightest disparity between user reviews and critic reviews? More importantly, Death Stranding seems to indicate that Konami had an important function in Kojima’s work β€” namely, to curtail his creative excesses.

As it stands, all the money clearly went into making the game look like a movie instead of having rewarding gameplay. This is not enough to create an experience worthy of a lack of gameplay.

Images/videos courtesy of IGDB.

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