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Death Trash Compels Attention, Despite Being Retro



Death Trash

Death Trash is an indie RPG set in an alien post-collapse cyberpunk world with a multitude of intricate mechanics.

Who doesn’t want an RPG that is at the top of its game in terms of visuals, animations, and world lore? Unfortunately, these games are exceedingly expensive and time-consuming to develop. Moreover, the steep cost makes them cautious when it comes to exploring new ideas and game mechanics. Consequently, they usually follow well-treaded paths.

This is why games like Death Trash are so important.

By relying on low-cost pixel art, they get to expand the RPG envelope — and Death Trash is aiming to push it further than most.

Death Trash is ensconced within a Lovecraftian world of machines and creatures that are too bizarre to exist. As humanity colonized the promising world of Nexus, it encountered ancient machines that were left to guard it against invaders. Death Trash prides itself in having real-time everything, among other features:

  • Leave multi-branched dialogs if you see them going in the wrong way.
  • Leave or engage in combat whenever you want, if you have skills to escape it.
  • Use guns, melee or psi powers.
  • Ample offering of gore and profanity.
  • Numerous vying factions.
  • Fascinating, richly detailed world and atmospheric music.

The world is effectively open, with the world map guiding you to traverse different locations. Speaking of which, the game allows you to have a full range of freedom. You are theoretically able to kill everyone inhabiting it, or almost no one.

Death Trash

Image courtesy of Steam.

In development for the last four years by a single person — Stephan Hövelbrinks — Death Trash finally entered Steam’s Early Access recently. It will offer only the first chapter of the storyline and will last for about a year before everything is rounded up, polished, and player freedom further expanded.

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, Steam.

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