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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep to Auto Boost Power Levels, Add RPG Elements



Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Bungie is using the Shadowkeep expansion as a major milestone in the lifespan of Destiny 2. The moon world will bring along the greatest number of changes to the game yet.

As Shadowkeep nears its delayed release on October 1, Bungie’s Luke Smith has revealed many new details about the game in his second director’s cut.

When we first reported on the Shadowkeep expansion, it was already clear that Bungie is serious about expanding and maintaining Destiny 2’s prosperous future. Since that first reveal, the biggest news was that Shadowkeep’s release will coincide with Destiny 2’s migration to Steam — also on October 1 — with everything coming along with you if you connect the accounts.

Destiny 2

Image courtesy of IGDB/Destiny 2 press kit.

Adding More RPG Elements to Destiny 2

Compared to the Borderlands, Mass Effect, and Fallout franchises, the role-playing-game aspect of Destiny 2 was rather superficial, to say the least. Outside of some synergies between exotic weapons and armor, there was very little to do to make a unique character just the way you like it. The game was always more about the acquisition of new items and vehicle skins.

Judging by Luke Smith’s latest post, Bungie was well aware of this missed opportunity — which it is now rectifying with Shadowkeep.

To equalize the new playing field, both new and veteran Destiny 2 players will start at power level 750. This will make it much easier to find Guardian compatriots. Accordingly, all items in your inventory and vault will jump to power level 750.

Bright Dust will become an earnable in-game currency, instead of the one you could only acquire with real money or by sharding engrams. Now, Bright Dust can be earned by completing Bounties.

A new armor system will provide a whole new range of opportunities to customize your Guardian. Every mod you obtain will serve as a perk and can be socketed it the elemental affinity matches it. Mods will have energy costs along with elemental affinities, which will allow for the greater tuning of effects.

Destiny 2

Image courtesy of IGDB/Destiny 2 press kit.

Prestige Activities

Once you hit power level 950, only “pinnacle” sources will get you drops. In the past, drops were obtainable from Iron Banner, Nightfall and Raid. The new philosophy behind drops is that a high power level should strongly correlate with completion of prestige activities.

Artifacts will not only make a return but offer a new bonus power for each season. All you have to do is level them up — and as you do, they will drop additional mods for that season alone.

As you can see, Destiny 2 is getting a major overhaul. With so many changes, it is hard to keep track of them all. It will be interesting to see how completely new players will experience Destiny 2.

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Images courtesy of Bungie, IGDB/Destiny 2 press kit.

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