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Destiny 2 to Unleash Solstice of Heroes with Update 2.5.2



Destiny 2

In a ceaseless rhythm of gameplay tweaks, new weapons, armors, and missions, Destiny 2 is once again asking players to come back with a new update that will take place next week.

Destiny 2’s major content and revamp update is coming in September with the Shadowkeep expansion β€” but fear not. There are plenty of things to do in the meantime.

Starting next week, on July 30 and ending on August 27, Soulstice of Heroes will keep players busy until Shadowkeep arrives.

Soulstice of Heroes will grant players:

  • A new, unique armor set: Solstice of Heroes. You can acquire it by completing objectives throughout Destiny 2’s worlds.
  • An armor 2.0 version of the Solstice of Heroes armor set. This version will be available when Shadowkeep is released.
  • Qualify for Wolves Unleashed emblem with a finished Iron Banner match between specific dates and times.

Lord Saladin’s PvP combat with power ammo weapons is also making a comeback. This is a good opportunity to finish Saladin’s questline and bounties in order to get advanced perks on legendary armor.

Destiny 2

Image courtesy of IGDB/Destiny 2 press kit.

Destiny 2 gameplay will also be tweaked:

  • Lord of Wolves will be balanced by decreasing the effective range, which is even more decreased when in Release the Wolves mode β€” where the amount of ammo for the shotgun scavenger perk to give to Lord of Wolves is reduced.
  • Iron Banner will be balanced:
    • The requirement for grenade kills is reduced by 50 percent, while ally grenade kills will be worth as much as your own.
    • The requirement for sword kills is reduced by 25 percent, while ally sword kills will be worth as much as your own.
    • Adjusted Iron Banner quest objective values.
  • Tribute Hall:
    • Emperor’s Gladiator and Scoundrel in Uniform triumphs will no longer require a full Leviathan gear set in order to progress.
    • Points will now be earned based on the number of worn pieces of gear.
  • Menagerie/Chalice
    • When you first complete Heroic Menagerie, you will get a sword.
    • Further Heroic Menagerie completions will have a reduced chance for dropping a sword – down to only a 25 percent chance.

This is just a small preview of the Update 2.5.2 changes. More balances and general bug fixes will follow when the update goes live next Tuesday.

What do you think of this Destiny 2 update? Let us know in the comments!

Images/videos courtesy of IGDB/Destiny 2 press kit, YouTube/destinygame.

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