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Diablo IV is No Longer a Secret (Unofficially)



Diablo III

Speculation on major franchises is a common pastime in the gaming community. When it comes to Diablo IV, an unintentionally released ad in a German magazine finally brings the guessing to a closure.

Courtesy of GameStar, a German gaming magazine, Diablo IV has been revealed beyond any doubt — in a rather roundabout manner.

The most recent issue of GameStar had an advertisement for The Art of Diablo, created by Jake Gerli and Robert Brooks. It is an official art book published by Blizzard that will be available on November 21.

We could have already deduced that Diablo IV is in the finalizing development stage due to past job postings, employee leaks, and the time passed — but it’s nice to have a piece of firm evidence.

This means that Diablo IV will be officially revealed quite soon, probably at the next Blizzcon. (Blizzard certainly needs it after a slew of major PR disasters.)

Diablo III

Image courtesy of IGDB.

As for what Diablo IV will be, there is nothing but speculation.

Hopefully, the developers will take note of what Path of Exile achieved with its intricate skills/gems system, grittier visuals, and even better-looking skills and effects. Perhaps the attribute system will be relevant again, instead of being there only to be automatically leveled up? Perhaps not all classes will act and look like mage classes?

It would be nice to have a clear visual discernment between classes as we had in Dragon Age: Origins. A physical class (warrior, rogue) looked and acted wildly differently from a mage class.

We will find more as Blizzcon 2019 begins on November 1. Hong Kong and Winnie the Pooh related shenanigans will almost certainly take place.

What do you think of Diablo IV and its predecessors? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the famous game franchise in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of IGDB.

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