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Dota 2 Outlander Update Overhauls the Meta



Dota 2

It turns out, the introduction of two new heroes in the Outlander update is the least of the Dota 2 changes we got — given the sheer amount of gameplay tweaks across other heroes, the economy, structures, spawns, map layouts, and the courier. Here is a quick run-down.

“Outlander” describes someone who leads a rootless, nomadic lifestyle. Quick on their feet but not belonging anywhere — you may remember the Outlander class from Torchlight, designed as a ranged gunner and dabbler in the arcane arts. Dota 2 Outlanders retains the same spirit: Snapfire and Void Spirit.

Dota 2: Snapfire

Snapfire, aka Beatrix Snapfire, is a mounted hero, riding on her dragon toad Mortimer. Both Beatrix and Mortimer deploy devastating abilities. Beatrix uses homemade artillery and Mortimer dishes out fire globs.

Snapfire’s abilities will clue you in on what she’s all about:

  • Scatterblast: Snapfire’s scattergun unleashes a short-range blast that slows down enemies, on top of the damage.
  • Firesnap Cookie: Mortimer, or an ally, is treated with a tasty morsel, which then spurs them to hop a short distance. The landing zone of the hop results in damage and stun.
  • Lil’ Shredder: Snapfire uses her toad-mounted cannons to unleash a barrage that increases attack range and speed while, at the same time, slowing the attack speed of hit enemies.
  • Mortimer Kisses: Finally, Snapfire brings Mortimer to its hind legs, who then vomits hot blobs of fire spit. These globs linger on the ground, further slowing the enemies and dealing damage over time.

Void Spirit

Void Spirit lives in a Hidden Temple, in which he mastered his primary trait — transitioning between the physical and the aether realm, which serves as a formidable defensive tactic.

Void Spirit’s abilities indicate a more refined gameplay approach:

  • Aether Remnant: Void Spirit leaves a remnant of himself which then serves as a guardian over a small area. When an enemy enters its zone, it is pulled in and damaged. Effectively, this is a proximity mine, but made out of ghost-stuff.
  • Dissimilate: Void Spirit fades out of reality into the aether, leaving behind portals. Each portal can be reassembled, which causes damage to nearby enemies.
  • Resonant Pulse: Void Spirit activates a shield around himself that not only absorbs a portion of incoming physical damage but releases a damaging pulse. Each hit enemy increases the damage absorption.
  • Astral Step: As Void Spirit enters the aether, and consumes a charge, he inflicts damage to all enemies unfortunate enough to be standing along the rift path. Additionally, the damage is amplified with a void mark that deals high damage and slows down enemies.
Dota 2

Artwork courtesy of IGDB/Dota 2 press kit.

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, IGDB.

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