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Dota 2 Update Endows Tiny With a Prestige Makeover



Dota 2 Tiny

As Dota 2 nears The International on August 15, your favorite stone giant, Tiny, finally receives a well-deserved prestige transformation with the game’s latest update.

Named ‘Majesty of the Colossus,’ the prestige set for Tiny includes:

  • New models for each stage of Tiny’s evolution.
  • New custom animations and VFX for Tiny’s abilities — Avalanche and Tree Grab.
  • A modular design that simplifies all future makeovers.

This prestige item set would not be prestigious without having some obstacles put in front of you. The only way to earn the ‘Majesty of the Colossus’ is to get your Battle Level to 255 — and only until the end of The International 2019 Battle Pass.

If you are already at that level, you can simply claim the set from the rewards section.

Dota 2 Tiny

Image courtesy of YouTube/DotaCinema.

Furthermore, from now on, Tiny will be far easier to customize. This is good news for everyone earning money from Dota 2 hero models.

Along with the set, Tiny’s design has been made more modular — including his item slots — so that he is in sync with his four growth stages.

Effectively, this means that, when Tiny becomes available in the workshop, content creators will only need to focus on four items slots and one weapon slot. This will remain so for all future Tiny makeovers.

In the shadow of Tiny’s remodeling, the update also revamps the creeps. You can claim the ‘Reptilian Refuge’ Radian and Dire creeps at Battle Level 182.

Lastly, don’t forget to check The International’s schedule. You can do so here.

The first two stage-groups are not very European-friendly, as they both start before early in the morning. However, that is not a problem one could not solve with a little caffeine intake.

What do you think of the updates for Tiny in Dota 2? Will you watch The International? Let us know in the comments below!

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube/DotaCinema.

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