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Dota Underlords Proto Battle Pass Available for Testing



Dota Underlords

The Proto Battle Pass for Dota Underlords is now open for testing.

If you are currently a beta tester or are set to be a beta tester in the future, you will gain access to the Proto Battle Pass free-of-charge.

The Proto Battle Pass allows players to play games, earn experience points, and unlock rewards. Player feedback during this time will help assist the developers in putting out the best possible product in the not-so-distant future.

Now, strap yourself in — because there is a barrage of Dota Underlords updates coming at you.

First and foremost, the user-interface for the scoreboard has been improved upon by the game’s developers, as has the general UI across a range of devices. Additionally, a scoreboard overview, list of items, and alliances are now shown after the game.

Building upon last weeks updates, combat will now continue until projectiles complete their journey, with a limit of five seconds. More importantly, heroes stunned by short duration spells will no longer gain the benefit of being able to attack faster via a reset attack timer.

Matchmaking accuracy has also reportedly been improved, which is never a bad thing.

Dota Underlords

Image courtesy of IGDB/Dota Underlords press kit.

In regards to alliances, their effects are now applied to summons. Furthermore, alliance dynamics have been improved in the user interface and the Warlock alliance now only triggers on activated spells (not activated items).

Other fixes include Venomancer wards having the correct negative 50 percent magic resistance, instead of positive 50 percent, and Disruptor/Alchemist spells actually continuing to have an effect after death.

There is also a whole slew of fixes related to items.

Dota Underlords Performance on both iOS and Android devices has been improved. Additionally, Steam Invisible Mode can now be utilized.

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Images/videos courtesy of IGDB/Dota Underlords press kit, Twitter/@DotaUnderlords, YouTube/GameTrailers.

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