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Dota Underlords Will Change Ranked Matchmaking



Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords, a super-casual auto-chess game, is changing how it deals with ranked games in its next big update.

When it comes to Dota-related content, people take it seriously — even if a game effectively plays itself! (Such is the effect of brand loyalty.) Dota Underlords will soon allow fans to take it even more seriously (or even less) with two modes of matchmaking.

For people who dabble with Dota Underlords while doing something else, there is the casual matchmaking mode:

  • Only get matched against people at the same skill level.
  • Queuing solo or with friends.
  • For experimenting with new builds and completing hard challenges.
  • Allows you to complete Daily Challenges and Achievements.

Meanwhile, with the ranked matchmaking mode:

  • You get matched based on your current rank.
  • Queuing is only possible solo.
  • The ranked mode will be accessible after you have completed five casual games.
  • You may complete Daily Challenges and Achievements.

So far, your Dota Underlords rank progression was hidden under the hood, as is the case with many other such games. Valve decided to ditch this unnecessary obfuscation completely. Now, you will be able to clearly see your rank progression in a predictable manner.

Your rank will not depend on your opponent’s rank. Instead, it is entirely dependent on where you finish in a ranked match.

You will receive bonus points whenever you reach the next rank.

When the new update is concluded, your current rank will be seamlessly converted into this new transparent ranking system.

Dota Underlords

Image courtesy of IGDB/Dota Underlords press kit.

Lastly, Valve will integrate these upcoming changes in the hopes that players will be able to more accurately track the “objective measurement of skill.” However, how much skill is involved in a game that is more dependent on luck than most collectible card games is for you to decide.

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Images courtesy of IGDB/Dota Underlords press kit, Twitter/@DotaUnderlords.

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