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Dota Underlords Undergoes First Major Update



Dota Underlords

Most people were taken by surprise when Valve released Dota Underlords last month for free — and some were quite puzzled by what kind of game it is. 

Dota Underlords, set in the Dota universe, is not your ordinary game. In fact, someone less generous would say that it holds no gameplay whatsoever.

Such an attitude comes from the fact that Underlords is an auto-chess type of game. The game effectively plays itself on a tactical grid you would find in a game like Heroes of Might & Magic — except there are no tactics. Sadly, Dota Underlords requires minimal involvement from the player. Your only input comes in the form of hero and item selection. This can lead to some interesting synergies, but that is the whole extent of the gameplay. (No wonder it was released for free out of nowhere.)

Now, after its first month, Dota Underlords is undergoing some bug fixes and balance tweaks.

Outside of fixing crashes, bugs, and other omissions, the most heavily balanced hero is Arc Warden, followed by:

  • Clockwerk
  • Medusa
  • Tinker
  • Treant Protector
  • Lycan
  • Juggernaut

All of the balance tweaks include some form of attack/defense effectiveness change. Presumably, since you can’t actually play any of the heroes, to make possible synergies between heroes and items more distinct. The team behind the game may really have to stretch these tweaks going forward, in order to retain player interest.

Dota Underlords

Image courtesy of IGDB/Dota Underlords press kit.

Nonetheless, there is some space that Dota Underworlds could occupy in your life. If you have dual monitors, and you are watching or doing something else, you can have the game play itself out on the second monitor. You would only occasionally have to click on something. If that is the type of super-casual gameplay you were looking for, it may be the perfect match!

What do you think of Dota Underlords? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of Twitter/@DotaUnderlords, IGDB/Dota Underlords press kit.

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