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Elite Dangerous Will Soon Receive Fleet Carriers



Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous can only dream of having Star Citizen’s bulging budget — but that doesn’t mean it lacks a loyal fan base and continuous improvements.

Unlike Star Citizen (which aims to be all games in one: FPS, space simulation, planet colonization, and exploration), Elite Dangerous is satisfied with honing what it is: top-notch trading and fighting space sim with some elements of exploration.

However, at a slower pace, Elite Dangerous does continue to significantly expand the ways you can play it. At this year’s Gamescom, another milestone for the game was showcased: Fleet Carriers.

Designed to house your hard-earned ships, these colossal ships will serve as mobile bases. Needless to say, only exceedingly wealthy players will be able to afford them — namely, veterans who have already invested hundreds of hours into Elite Dangerous.

You will only be able to own one of these ships in the default game or its subsequent seasonal upgrades.

Elite Dangerous

Image courtesy of IGDB.

Speaking of the game’s developmental path, let us recap its achievements so far:

  • Season 1 — Elite Dangerous: The base game skirmish and trading game that, nonetheless, introduced many refinements.
  • Season 2 — Horizons: An addition of planetary landings with an exploration vehicle, weapon crafting, multi-crew co-op, launchable fighters, etc.
  • Season 3 — Beyond: A more immersive and involved player-driven narrative, along with dozens of tweaks, upgrades, and quality-of-life improvements.

Each season consists of chapters and marks significant updates. Currently, the game is in the fourth chapter of Season Three.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons

Image courtesy of IGDB.

As the third season nears its end with a Fleet Carrier update, these massive ships will allow you to:

  • Support up to 16 player ships — consisting of 4 small, 4 medium, and 8 large landing pads.
  • Set permissions for each landing pad for other players.
  • Refuel, repair, and rearm ships — which alleviates your dependency on space stations.
  • Add modules so that it can offer different kinds of services and functions in large battles. Those roles could be specialized for smuggling, mining, piracy, search and rescue, mercenary, trading, and so on.

Fleet Carriers will be integrated into Elite Dangerous at the end of the year on December 20, 2019.

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Images courtesy of IGDB.

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