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Epic Games Store Offering 2 Free Games Right Now




There is nothing better from a consumer perspective than a new competitor, like Epic Games Store, tackling established market players.

Ever since Epic Games amassed its fortune following the success of Fortnite and Unreal Engine 4, it has embarked on a mission to permanently carve out its own slice of the gaming market β€” in particular, by countering Steam dominance with its own digital distribution platform called the Epic Games Store. So far, it has used several methods to grow the Epic Games Store userbase:

  • Enticing developers and gamers with exclusivity.
  • Providing free games on a regular basis.
  • Providing free assets β€” 3D models, texture, animations, VFX, and blueprints β€” for Unreal Engine 4 developers and casual dabblers.

Some offers are permanently free and some are temporary. The latter is the case with Moonlighter and This War of MineWar β€” so hurry up before the free offer expires!

Epic Games Store This War of Mine Moonlighter

Image courtesy of Epic Games Store.

As you can see, both games are from the Australian 11 Bit Studios, which gained fame with This War of Mine. Moonlighter is its latest published title but developed by Digital Sun Games.

This War of Mine

Inspired by the infamous siege of Sarajevo in the Balkans, the game deals with war from a new perspective. Usually, war games put you on the frontline as a soldier β€” but, this time, you engage with war as a civilian.

Image your entire reality being upturned overnight; how would you survive and what hard choices would you have to make? This is what This War of Mine is all about β€” scavenging, managing meager resources for a group of survivors, and dealing with other survivors. All from a beautifully-crafted and immersive 2D perspective.

This War of Mine

Image courtesy of IGDB/This War of Mine press kit.


Retro games with rogue-lite elements are a dime-a-dozen, but Moonlighter brings in a couple of new twists to the table.

Alongside combat, the primary focus of the game is on the management of your shop in Rynoka Village. You will be able to set prices, control your shop’s inventory, upgrade it, and even hire assistants. As you expand your economic might, you will even be able to upgrade your village β€” like adding a blacksmith or a potion-maker.

Both additions will be critical to successfully completing the dungeons β€” which will be another source of income via various loot and resources.

Accruing wealth and spending it on new armor, weapons and enchantments are the names of the game in Moonlighter.


Image courtesy of IGDB/Moonlighter press kit.

Getting both games now for free will save you about $40 USD.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!Β 

Images courtesy of Epic Games Store, IGDB/This War of Mine press kit/Moonlighter press kit.

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