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Subnautica Continues Epic Saga with Below Zero Update



Subnautica: Below Zero

One of the most polished and immersive survival game ever made, Subnautica, has added surface Ice Worms to its Early Access Below Zero sequel.

There is simply no other game like Subnautica in terms of atmosphere, music, sound design, creature design, crafting systems, and yes, even the storyline. Everything Unknown Worlds Entertainment crafted in the game exudes its desire for being creative, engaging and meticulous.

At the end of January this year, Subnautica’s sequel — Below Zero — entered Steam’s Early Access program. Now, it has colossal Ice Worms.

Giant worms have been a staple of creature design in gaming ever since Frank Herbert imagined them in the majestic Dune universe. Even Star Citizen has them.

Now, you will be able to encounter them in the Arctic Spires region — but this is advisable only if you are at the top of your game.

Besides the new Arctic Spires area that holds the Ice Worms, the latest Subnautica update also includes:

  • Frozen Creature Site: Scientific complex built around the frozen remnants of a gigantic creature by the Alterra Corporation.
  • Lilypad Islands: Named after the Lily Paddlers — exuberant-looking creatures best described as deep-sea peacocks.
  • A new storyline expansion in the form of text dialogue, with voice-acting being implemented at a later date.
  • Pengwings have a new behavior, which changes with the weather.
Subnautica: Below Zero

Image courtesy of IGDB.

Subnautica: Below Zero takes place one year after the original game and pushes your survival limits on both the surface and in the deep-sea. Your goal remains as exciting and enjoyable as ever, exploring an alien world.

The Unknown Worlds Entertainment devs indicated that it may take at least a year before Below Zero reaches 1.0 state of completion.

What do you think of Subnautica: Below Zero? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, IGDB.

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