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Everspace 2 Aims to Grow Into a Serious Space Sim RPG



Everspace 2

There are not many space games these days. In terms of flying a space ship, the original Everspace found its arcadey, rogue-lite balance somewhere between No Man’s Sky and Elite Dangerous. Everspace 2 has more ambitious plans.

How you set a death mechanic usually sets the tone for a game. Consequently, Everspace could be described as rogue-lite in space. It was easy to die but, when you did, your progression continued beyond death.

Such a light approach to consequences necessarily inherits other baggage. It means it is also light on the story and focused more on the space battles.

Unfortunately, when a game is designed in a way where death is a path to progression, it leads to repetitiveness and a lack of emotional investment.

Everspace 2

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Of all the flaws in the Everspace reviews, repetitiveness and a lack of story were the most common refrains — while top-notch graphics, VFX, and enjoyable space battles were the positives.

German Rockfish Games has launched the Everspace 2 Kickstarter with these issues in mind.

Consequently, Everspace 2 abandons the rogue-lite-in-space approach for a more traditional Freelancer-like, story-driven open world. As a result, you will get to play a 20-hour campaign featuring many different ships, strategies, and environments.

The space battles will look better than ever.

Everspace 2 will add planetary battles with tweaked spaceship performance due to gravity and air resistance effects.

New mechanics are applied — such as the gravitic grappler, which can be used to intercept enemy missiles and hurl them at the enemy.

The planned roadmap for Everspace 2 is as follows:

  • After the €450,000 Kickstarter is done, Everspace 2 will enter Steam’s Early Access in the second half of 2020.
  • The release date, for PC and consoles, is expected to be sometime in 2021.

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