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Fake Mordhau Controversy Spurred by PC Gamer [Opinion]




It seems there is no refuge from the blight of fake news and ideological agitation in the video game industry, with PC Gamer playing the white knight against the apparent monster that is Mordhau.

PC Gamer recently published an article titled “Rampant Racism and Toxicity are Driving Players Away from Mordhau.”

Everything about that title and content is contrived, fake and malicious. There was no upheaval of the player base and organic controversy of any kind.

Mordhau, a melee combat simulator set in medieval Europe, grew on its own merit to a remarkable user base of over two million β€” no thanks to any mainstream gaming outlet.

Mordhau Reviews

Screenshot courtesy of Steam.

However, now that Mordhau has gained massive popularity, it must undergo ideological scrutiny.

You see, corporate gaming journalists ensconced inside neo-Marxist monoculture despise gaming. Be they from PC Gamer, Kotaku, IGN, or Polygon, gaming is beneath them. They only view gaming as a vector of attack to uphold ideological compliance:

  • Saying that races exist as distinct genetic clusters is racism.
  • Saying that there are gender differences is misogyny.
  • Everything can be toxic and filled to the brim with “hate” that needs to be plucked out of your head, ASAP!
  • People of European descent are intrinsically evil, especially males.

As radical ideologues engaged in anti-scientific and anti-historical thought and speech control, they view the setting of medieval Europe as something that is threatening. After all, medieval Europe was largely about:

  • Ethnic homogeneity
  • Traditional gender roles
  • Strong white men defending their homelands against outside invaders

That is all very toxic, indeed!

Sentiments like this are highly problematic to these “gaming journalists.” However, this is not the language of a writer interested in gaming. This is the work of an ideological enforcer β€” someone who views you as intellectually and morally inferior.

You don’t have the right to free speech. They will decide what you can think and say.

Moreover, the whole article is practicing the tactic of concern trolling. It’s little more than a mafia-style extortion racket. (‘Hey there, buddy. Nice game you have there. It would be a shame if we concoct controversy about it. How about you clean up your community, eh?’)

Don’t fall for it.

What do you think about the Mordhau controversy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Mordhau press kit, Steam, Twitter/@pcgamer.

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