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Fallout 76 Developers Implement Patch 11 Hotfix



Fallout 76

The developers behind Fallout 76 have implemented a new hotfix that squashes some more bugs.

The new Fallout 76 hotfix, which was implemented yesterday, affects one specific item of importance, some loot, and an issue with stability and performance.

The item that has been hot fixed is the online action role-playing game’s Power Armor. Now, Power Armor will remain in a player’s inventory if they leave a world when entering Power Armor and enter a new world. Before the hotfix, there was an issue that left players Power Armor-less in this specific instance.

Another important hotfix that has been implemented fixes a problem where legendary enemies didn’t drop legendary items when defeated.

However, all is not entirely well when it comes to Legendaries. A bug still exists that labels non-legendary enemies as Legendary, and these mislabeled enemies do not naturally drop legendary items when killed. The developers of Fallout 76 are working to fix this issue — which, one would think, wouldn’t be the hardest bug to squash. We assume it will be fixed in the next patch.

Bethesda’s Fallout and Elder Scrolls series are notoriously buggy and unstable, and Fallout 76 is no different. Still, the developers have reportedly fixed a C.A.M.P. problem that could cause a server crash.

The Fallout 76 hotfix comes only two days after the game’s Patch 11, which measured in at roughly 5.5 GB for the console versions of the game and less than half that (2.5 GB) for the PC version. Across all platforms, the patch was technically numbered

Fallout 76

Image courtesy of IGDB/Fallout 76 press kit.

The patch brought a whole slew of improvements, but the game has not found critical success. The PC version has a MetaScore of 52 and a downright atrocious User Score of 2.8.

What do you think of Patch 11 and yesterday’s hotfix? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of IGDB/Fallout 76 press kit, Twitter/@BethesdaSupport.

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