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Is Feedback on Negative Atmosphere Really Negative?



Negative Atmosphere

Sunscorched Studios recently released a premiere trailer for its upcoming game Negative Atmosphere. After receiving some feedback, the studio reacted with a self-critical response.

Negative Atmosphere will follow the claustrophobic sci-fi horror genre made famous by Dead Space, SOMA, and System Shock. Overwhelming odds, tight space corridors, an oppressive atmosphere, and horrid creatures are the hallmarks of this genre.

As far as small-studio developed games go, Negative Atmosphere seems to hit all the features we loved in the Dead Space franchise β€” as you can see from its premiere trailer.

The negative atmosphere is indeed there β€” along with excellent creature animation, horror-inducing lighting, and the over-the-shoulder shooting gameplay.

However, it seems that, after the initial feedback, Sunscorched Studios took some drive-by criticism to heart β€” to the point of pinning a comment both on the YouTube video and on its official Twitter.

By ‘VA,’ they are referring to voice acting. Specifically, the exuberant expletives as the character reacts to the encounter with a ferocious spider-like humanoid creature.

Bad voice acting can absolutely ruin a game, but we wouldn’t have noticed it as a critical issue without the pinned comments by the developers. The issue of voice acting in that trailer is not about its quality but about the suitability of delivery in the context of the situation.

Realistically, one can go two routes when facing a nightmarish creature:

  1. Remain in paralyzed anguish at encountering a thing that shouldn’t be
  2. Exhibit desperate defiance that holds no bars as it expresses itself

Both can work depending on the personality traits of the character.

Negative Atmosphere

Image courtesy of Patreon.

No doubt, a grizzled veteran used to hardships would opt for the latter expression β€” as we’ve seen in the trailer. Perhaps, such a personality would detract from the negative atmosphere of the Negative Atmosphere?

No matter the case, the trailer was clearly well-received. In the future, Sunscorched Studios might consider toning down their own reaction instead.

What do you think of Negative Atmosphere? Let us know in the comments below!Β 

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, Twitter.

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