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For Honor Offered for Free on Epic Games Store



For Honor

For Honor, an action video game released in 2017 by Ubisoft across consoles and PC, is currently free on the Epic Games Store — but only until the end of today!

For Honor is a unique title developed and published by Ubisoft that puts players into the armor of knights, samurai, Vikings, and — since late last year — Wu Lin. The game is played in a third-person perspective and primarily pits players against other players in online battles.

The game is now currently free on Epic Games Store, until the end of today.

For Honor was previously free on PlayStation Plus between February 5 and March 4 for those who subscribed to Sony’s video game service.

Ubisoft’s original title currently holds a 76 aggregated Metascore on Metacritic, alongside an underwhelming User Score of 5.2 — the latter of which is largely a result of server issues that plagued the game upon launch. Specifically, the game launched with peer-to-peer server connectivity instead of dedicated servers, which resulted in all sorts of unfair advantages for those willing to game the inferior connection method.

Since launch, For Honor has received a lot of love from developers via a constant stream of updates and patches. The current state of the game is vastly superior to that experienced by early adopters.

For Honor

Image courtesy of IGDB/For Honor press kit.

Epic Games Store is also currently offering puzzle game GNOG for free until August 15 (10:59 AM EDT).

The PlayStation 4 version of GNOG has a Metascore of 77 and User Score of 6.9 on Metacritic. The PC version does not currently carry a Metascore.

Will you download For Honor for free on Epic Games Store? What about GNOG? What do you think about Epic Games’ hard push into the games-distribution marketplace? Let us know what you think of both games in the comments below!

Images/videos courtesy of IGDB/For Honor press kit, Twitter/@Ubisoft, YouTube/crowbcat.

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