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Gears 5 Following the GaaS Trend



Gears 5

Alongside following the trend of female leads, the Operations feature in Gears 5 will effectively turn the game into a Game-as-a-Service (GaaS). Every three months, Operations will switch things up with different maps, modes, and skins.

Gears 5 is set to be released on September 9 and will be included in Xbox Game Pass.

The gaming industry is evolving, so you can hardly find a AAA game anymore that settles on launch-date content.

With Operations, Gears  5 will entice you to keep playing by introducing the following content every three months:

  • New maps for horde and versus modes
  • New modes — with the escape mode getting new challenges almost every week
  • New textures for items, weapons, characters, and tiles for the map builder

Operations will also churn out daily objectives and seasonal achievements in the form of medals — all of which will serve the greater purpose of unlocking more prestigious items: execution moves, emotes, banners, weapon skins, blood sprays, and everything else that is customizable.

Naturally, the three-month period will count as a season, so there will also be ranked seasonal leaderboards on top of the Masters leaderboard that will glorify only the true Gears elite.

Gears 5

Image courtesy of IGDB/Gears 5 press kit.

Your first Operations experience begins at launch with these unlocking incentives:

  • Winter armor for Del and Kait characters, and desert armor for Fahz, Kait, and Del
  • Final Touch execution
  • Salute Emote
  • Team Metal Gnasher skin

Interestingly, some of these items will only be available during the first Operations season — so this is a clever way to encourage buying the game at launch.

Lastly, by all accounts, controversial loot boxes will thankfully not be present in Gears 5. Instead, you will be able to earn supply points by playing escape, horde or versus modes. These supply points can be used to unlock various customization items.

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Images courtesy of Xbox Wire, IGDB.

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