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Gears 5: Here’s How Content Is Earned (Or Paid For)



Gears 5

The team behind Gears 5 has officially revealed how content will be earned in the hotly-anticipated third-person shooter.

Say ‘goodbye’ to gear backs and season passes. Developer The Coalition is forgoing the much-maligned industry standards in favor of it calls “a player-first experience.”

In addition to the exclusion of gear packs and season passes, downloadable maps will not cost anything, there will be exclusive customization options available to earn and/or pay for with in-game currency, and there will be no loot-box-style randomized purchases.

Additionally, there will still be premium content available for purchase with real-world money in Gears 5.

No Pay-Only Content in Gears 5 ‘Tour of Duty’

Some earnable content will come via the game’s Tour of Duty system, which consists of daily challenges and seasonal medals. Completing and earning these allow players to rank up and gain access to specific customization items in a transparent and direct fashion.

This system in Gears 5 will be devoid of pay-only content.

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Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay.

Purchasable Content Is Not Randomized

Still, Gears 5 will have random Supply Drops from a unique pool of content. However, this content cannot be paid for with real-world money.

What can be paid for with real-world money, however, is some exclusive content that is strictly not classified as ‘pay-to-win.’ Technically speaking, players much exchange real-world currency for in-game currency (which can also be earned in a limited amount through Tour of Duty.)

In line with the rest of the content, all purchases in Gears 5 are direct and there is no randomness involved.

No Pay-To-Win, Only Pay-To-Boost

Finally, players will be able to purchases timed progression accelerators, which will offer such bonuses as doubled experience points in multiplayer modes, doubled character experience for Escape & Horde (which were showed off at E3 2019), and doubled speed for earning Supply Drops.

What do you think of how Gears 5 handles earned/paid content? Do you appreciate the lack of randomness involved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! While you’re at it, let us know what you think about Sony’s latest additions to its PlayStation Hits lineup — that is, if you’re not only dedicated to Microsoft’s console.

Images/videos courtesy of Gears 5 press kit, Twitter/@GearsofWar, InspiredImages from Pixabay, YouTube/GameSpot.

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