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Ghostrunner Enters The Cyberpunk Arena




If you think there can never be enough cyberpunk games, the action-packed first-person Ghostrunner will be a welcome addition.

Anyone following the gaming industry knows that games go through genre cycles. We are currently, one might argue, in the battle royale cycle. Previously, we were in the MOBA cycle — when everyone and their dog wanted to make a MOBA. These cycles are sparked by some singular, massively-popular success story: Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, etc.

For some time, we were in the parkour cycle — where games tried to implement exciting, fast, and quick vertical movement while traversing obstacles, wall climbing and sliding. Mirror’s Edge started the trend, which was carried on by Dishonored. Even games like Warface integrated some dynamic motion elements.

Perhaps inspired by both that legacy and Cyberpunk 2077’s long development, Ghostrunner — as a moderately budgeted game — is focused more on slicing and swooping than on the RPG side of things.

Published by All in! Games, which specializes in removing obstacles from game development, Ghostrunner is being developed by One More Level studio. It is known for smaller action-oriented games, such as:

  • God’s Trigger
  • Warlocks vs Shadows
  • Deadlings
  • Race to Mars [in progress]

With the exception of Warlocks vs Shadows, all are well-received games.

God's Trigger

Image courtesy of Premier Games Press Center.

Ghostrunner is One More Level’s most ambitious project yet — with high production values in terms of visuals, animations, and VFX quality.

As is the case with all cyberpunk-themed games, Ghostrunner is about overcoming the odds in a dystopian world. In the wake of a global cataclysm, humanity is left with only one haven: a massive tower-city. Ruled by the Keymaster, your role is to battle through the tower’s denizens in order to discover its secrets and your own origins.

The tower’s society is strictly arranged according to implants. Everyone is given one in early childhood and they determine which caste they belong to. As a cyber-warrior, you will climb the tower in both the physical and virtual realm, uncovering its secrets as you progress.

Both the gameplay footage and the story are enticing. Additionally, it has been already rated as ‘Mature.’

Ghostrunner is planned for release on August 6, 2020.

What do you think of Ghostrunner? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images/videos courtesy of Steam, YouTube/All in! Games, Premier Games Press Center.

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