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GreedFall Reveals Relationship Details in Companions Trailer




When combat is bolstered by a rich storyline and intricate relationships with your companions, it tends to be more enjoyable. GreedFall seems to understand this recipe for success.

The last time we covered GreedFall from French developer Spiders, the trailer revealed only so much. It still holds true that the combat system draws inspiration from the Witcher series, but the latest companions trailer shows that the core of GreedFall is party management — similar to that in the Dragon Age franchise.

As you can see, GreedFall is visually impressive and well-thought-out — but what will make it stand out is the investment you make in your companions.

Unlike Dragon Age, where you could form a party of four, GreedFall sets a limit to three party members. Everything else plays out as you would expect from Dragon Age, with additional refinements:

  • You get to choose between five party members, each representing its faction.
  • Each companion has unique skills and specializations that create combat synergies with your character.
  • Based on the interaction with your companions, you will drive the story towards one of four possible endings.
  • Four out of five companions will have romance options, including same-sex for both male and female character.
  • The interplay between factions will make it easier to decide which companion to bring along to which questline — as some of them are quite adversarial.

If you recall from Dragon Age Origins, you had an entire talent tree based on your cunning score, which dealt with persuasion. The persuasion skill was the core mechanic in resolving conflict when your decision clashes with your companion’s personality traits and attitude. It seems that GreedFall is opting for a more involved and permanent approach to dealing with conflicts, instead of having a special talent to rely on. However, it is yet too early to tell.


Image courtesy of IGDB/GreedFall press kit.

What it is not too early to tell is that GreedFall seems more promising and impressive with each new trailer. Hopefully, it will show the way for a new generation of story-rich RPGs.

After all, Bioware looks to be in a bit of a freefall collapse after abandoning its bread-and-butter game genres and becoming seemingly incapable of finishing new projects like Anthem. The studio’s lead producer, Ben Irving, just recently ditched the company after being in Bioware for 8 years.

What do you think of Greedfall? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of Koch Media Games Press Center.

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