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Here’s Why Grid 2 Disappeared From Steam



Grid 2

It turns out, if you make a game reliant on licensed car models or music, it will have a short life span! Just like its original predecessor, racing video game Grid 2 has been removed from Steam at the request of the publisher. 

Here is what you will find when you look for the game on Steam now:

Notice: At the request of the publisher, GRID 2 is no longer available for sale on Steam.

Both Grid and its sequal were available for free a couple of months before they were removed from the platform. In the case of Grid 2, this happened in March with the Humble Store.

Interestingly, the original Grid is set to come back to Steam on October 11 this year — so it seems that developer Codemasters resolved that licensing issue for the time being.

Grid 2

Image courtesy of IGDB/Grid 2 press kit.

If Steam was as malicious as some other companies — we’re looking at you, Apple — you would have lost your purchased content. However, as Steam is not Apple, all of your purchased games will remain in your library even if they are withdrawn later on. The only thing you would lose is their online functionality.

The Story of Alpha Protocol

One of the most regrettable vanishings from Steam happened with Obsidian’s Alpha Protocol.

Although flawed in some ways, the game offered unique features in the RPG genre. Almost everyone concluded that it would have been a superb role-playing game if Obsidian was given enough time and money to polish it.

Sadly, Sega had to revoke Alpha Protocol from Steam due to expired music rights.

Alpha Protocol

Image courtesy of IGDB/Alpha Protocol press kit.

What Other Games Will Be Removed

If you are concerned that your favorite game will also suffer the same fate as Grid 2, consult this list.

If the game is offline-only, you can buy it before it is removed so it can permanently remain in your Steam library.

What do you think about Grid 2 being removed from Steam? Let us know in the comments below!

Image courtesy of IGDB/Grid 2 press kit/Alpha Protocol press kit.

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