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Heroes of the Storm Introduces New Hero, Qhira



Heroes of the Storm Qhira

Blizzard’s venture into the highly-competitive market of MOBAs — Heroes of the Storm — continues to trudge along with the latest addition to its legendary stable of heroes.

Usually, Blizzard borrows Heroes of the Storm characters from its other franchises and simply imports them into Heroes of the Storm. Almost all of the game’s current heroes hail from the following Blizzard worlds:

To bolster the narrative of intermingling these worlds and heroes, the developers introduced Nexus — a mysterious, transdimensional storm that plucks heroes from different universes.

Original Characters in Heroes of the Storm

So far, only one hero had an original origin — Orphea, a ranged assassin.

Now, joining her as the second original character is Qhira — this time as a melee assassin.

Judging by the trailer, the female character with a strong foreign accent could have been plucked straight out of the Black Panther universe! A highly advanced African civilization, the envy of the world, is dependent on a rare and powerful resource, which ultimately destroys it! The themes and references to Marvel’s Black Panther couldn’t be more obvious if they tried.

Heroes of the Storm Qhira

Image courtesy of Blizzard.

Qhira in Heroes of the Storm

Here is the rundown of Qhira, the Iresian bounty hunter:


  • Burst damage
  • Initiation
  • Mobility


  • Crowd control (CC)
  • Poke

Qhira is the eleventh melee assassin in the game.

Her abilities rely on the only remnant of her fallen civilization, a super-advanced and flexible chainsword.

In some way or another, its high burst damage distributed along six abilities will make short work out of any fragile hero.

The best hero that synergizes with Qhira and alleviates her weaknesses would probably be Anuin. He can assure the opponent’s doom with his rooting Chastise ability, or he can pull Qhira out of danger with his Leap of Faith ability.

You can decide if Qhira is your new favorite hero on August 6.

What do you think of Qhira? Let us know in the comments!

Images courtesy of Blizzard Press Center, Twitter/@BlizzHeroes.

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