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Homeworld 3 Slated for 2022 Release Date



Homeworld 3

Four years after the remastering of the previous two Homeworld titles, a true sequel was finally announced at PAX West  — Homeworld 3.

Although it has been 16 long years since Homeworld 2 came out, the Homeworld Remastered Collection was a commercial success — selling up to one million units on Steam alone. The game has a high Metascore of 86 percent on Metacritic.

The Homeworld franchise is unique in many ways:

  • It is one of the few successful space real-time strategy games (RTS), outside Sins of a Solar Empire and Battlefield Gothic: Armada.
  • It employed an ageless art style inspired by Chris Foss.
  • It introduced a streamlined interface that made it easy to control space battles. From small fighter squadrons to large fleets consisting of frigates and cruisers, it was always easy to get in the thick of the action at a moment’s notice.
  • It has a gripping storyline where you try to reclaim your heritage; a lost homeworld in the midst of a hostile alien empire.
  • It has supremely atmospheric sound design and epic space saga music composed by Paul Ruskay.

These are the ingredients that made Homeworld both a memorable experience and deserving of a true sequel — which is now in the works.

Unlike the previous two games, which were developed by Relic Entertainment, the title will be developed by Blackbird Interactive. The head of Blackbird Interactive is none other than Rob Cunningham, the original Homeworld art director.

Everything so far points to Homeworld 3 being a loyal successor of the franchise. It seems to retain all the qualities we remember it for.

Homeworld 3

Image courtesy of Fig/Gearbox Publishing.

Nonetheless, there is the issue of financing. Homeworld 3 is expected to be released in 2022, but that may largely depend on its successful funding. In just the first day it amassed almost $300k, so it doesn’t seem there will be any problems in that department.

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