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Infinitesimals Boosted by Epic Mega Grant




Fortnite cash overflow into Epic Games just might be the best thing to happen to the gaming industry in recent years. Epic’s Mega Grant division continues to endow ambitious indie projects — like Infinitesimals by Cubit Studios.

Epic Games is slowly becoming the foremost benefactor and patronage of many projects, from education to gaming.

The last big donation Joystickr reported on was to Blender.

This time, the project receiving Epic’s Mega Grant is far more interesting.

As you can see from the gameplay footage compilation, one would be hard-pressed to think this was coming from an indie studio. Honestly, Infinitesimals looks more impressive and engaging than failed multi-million AAA projects like Anthem or the bug-ridden, half-finished Fallout 76.

As established studios falter, new ones emerge.


Image courtesy of Steam.

Cubit Studios envisions Infinitesimals as a third-person adventure shooter set in a sci-fi universe where you play as a miniature alien on planet Earth. Although tiny, this alien species employs highly-advanced technology — which you will get to experience in the form of vehicles, weapons, and gadgets.

Infinitesimals’ gameplay is very reminiscent of Mass Effect 3 — but without the sticky cover system.

Infinitesimals employs all the advanced features of Unreal Engine 4. Even in the game’s early stage, you can already tell that visuals, animations, and shooting mechanics are top-notch.

Although it doesn’t have the enormous budget of crowd-funded Star Citizen, Infinitesimals matches its ambitions when it comes to deploying immersive technologies.

Unlike some projects that chose Epic Games Store exclusively and encountered massive backlash as a result, it seems that Infinitesimals is going to be released on Steam.

Although the release date is not even close to being disclosed, you can add Infinitesimals to your Steam wishlist to keep track of its progress.

What do you think of Epic Games, its Mega Grants division, and Infinitesimals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of Steam, Twitter/@cubitstudios, YouTube/Cubit Studios.

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