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Insurgency: Sandstorm Celebrates Anniversary with Free Week



Insurgency: Sandstorm

Although not as popular as Call of Duty, the realistic tactical shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm is certainly gathering steam. A massive discount accompanied by a free week makes this the best time to try it out.

Released at the end of last year, on December 12, 2018, today marks a one year anniversary for Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Developed by smallish studio New World Interactive, previously known for total conversion mod Red Orchestra and Day of Infamy, Insurgency: Sandstorm is its most successful project yet. You could say that the game marks the completion of its transition from total conversion mods to full-time game developers. Primarily, the studio honed its game-developing skills on the Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat total conversion mod.

Serious, military-grade titles of their games tell you what they are all about — bringing as much realism, tactics, team coordination, and objective-based gameplay as possible. Insurgency: Sandstorm executes these features remarkably well.

As is the case with most games these days, they are always in development, adding new content and tweaks. New players will benefit greatly from the latest update (1.5), which brings a new game mode called Domination. Anyone who played Call of Duty would be familiar with its concept. In Domination, a map has three capture points and the team that accrues the most capture points wins.

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Image courtesy of IGDB.

Sandstorm is one of those games that rewards players who coordinate with their team members and, thanks to its innovative fusion of hit-scan ballistics with bullet drop, the gunplay is very satisfying. However, do keep in mind that Sandstorm already amassed hardcore veteran players who will have no trouble killing you, many times over. Therefore, some degree of patience, until you learn the ropes, is required.

The free week, which lasts until December 17, will not be stunted in any way for new players. You will have access to all the game’s features and game mods. More importantly, you will have until January 2 to acquire the game permanently under its current 50 percent discount.

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, IGDB.

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