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Is Starborne: Sovereign Space Essentially Stellaris Gone MMORTS?



Starborne: Sovereign Space

4x space strategies were always plagued by unbalanced AI enemies. For the winning combination of fun and challenge to be achieved, the AI has to be just right. Starborne: Sovereign Space takes a different approach, ditching single-player completely to pit you against other humans β€” with everyone having their own idea of how best to build a galactic empire.

Creating an MMORTS while retaining Stellaris-like features is quite an ambitious undertaking. Many would embark on this journey only to deliver a half-finished and buggy mess. Thankfully, the studio behind Starborn, Solid Clouds, has a reassuring pedigree. Some of the team members helped create Eve Online β€” and Starborne: Sovereign Space has been in steady development for over six years.

After all that hard work, the developers have finally decided it is time to reveal the game.

Notice that the strategic hexagonal grid is even in the lettering of the game’s title? Connoisseurs of Sid Mayer’s Civilization should be right at home with a good old hexagon grid β€” even if it is in space, amid planets, space stations, and asteroid fields.

The fundamentals in Starborne: Sovereign Space should remain the same. Start small with a single space station and adapt to your region of space. How many resources can you scour? Will other players impede your progress? What kind of approach are they taking β€” militaristic, industrialist, espionage? Are they forming alliances? What is the best technology tree to unlock in the current situation?

These are just some of the questions that will percolate in your mind as you master Starborne: Sovereign Space. Of course, it is one thing to get a handle of the game’s mechanics, but effectively exploiting them to beat other players is a different story.


Image courtesy of IndieDB.

Starborne: Sovereign Space is currently transitioning into the beta phase, but alpha is free to play right now.

Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, IndieDB, Starborne.

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