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Last Oasis Delays Early Access, Shares New Trailer



Last Oasis

Initially planned to enter Steam’s Early Access program on September 3, Last Oasis has set a new launch date for October 10 — with a new trailer to keep us interested.

As original game ideas go, Last Oasis is at the forefront of new ways to battle other players online. Drawing inspiration from Guns of Icarus Online — focused around highly-rated player-versus-player (PVP) airship combat — Last Oasis is so much more.

As a survival massively multiplayer online game (MMO), Last Oasis brings in a new goal to strive toward — outside just gathering resources, hunting, defending against other players, and building structures. When you achieve a certain resource level, Last Oasis allows you to build and embark on huge land ships. This sets up a new type of gameplay reminiscent of Guns of Icarus Online.

Here is what that looks like with the latest Last Oasis trailer.

Based on this trailer, we can surmise that environmental dangers will be par for the course in Last Oasis, depending on the type of terrain you traverse in your land ship.

The premise that greases the gameplay wheels is that Earth became a ravaged landscape after its planetary rotation ceased. That means that only a tight band of a habitable zone emerged between the extremes of hot and cold halves of the planet. Consequently, nomadic tribes have to constantly be on the move on their giant wind-powered machines in order to survive.

These nomadic machines, inspired by Theo Jansen’s strandbeests, can have different functions: harvesting, travel, combat, or serving as a mobile base. Needless to say, every machine can be customized as you see fit — similar to the system you can see in Crossout.

Last Oasis

Image courtesy of 2P.

Of course, Early Access games are risky to get involved with — but they are one of the few viable ways to push for innovative game designs, outside of Epic’s Mega Grants.

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Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, 2P.

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