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Microsoft May Finally Embrace Mod Support



Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The moment Microsoft decided to launch its own gaming console is the same moment that its loyalty to the PC gaming community was divided. Is this about to change — in the form of embracing mods?

Over the years, various Microsoft bosses issued platitudes about their dedication to PC gaming. After all, Microsoft’s prime product — Windows OS — is, by far, the dominant system where PC gaming takes place.

Microsoft Windows

Belying their words, they engaged in regular Xbox exclusivity, with possible token PC titles years after they launched on home consoles.

Moreover, the static console hardware made the games look less-than-optimal, across the board. No matter how powerful your PC build was, years old console hardware was always the benchmark around which games were being developed.

Thankfully, with the emergent dominance of Steam and other digital distribution platforms, the impact of Microsoft’s negligence towards the PC gaming community drastically lessened. Even Microsoft’s most famous gaming franchise, Halo, found its way to Steam.

The act of finally releasing every Halo game on PC, alongside the inclusion of FoV settings, is a huge signal to the PC gaming community that Microsoft is ready to make amends — and, now, Microsoft is giving out another sign of goodwill.

Any Steam user knows how easy it is to add mods to a game through its content subscription system. Your Steam profile keeps a record of all the subscriptions to mods, so they are automatically integrated when you next install a game or if the mod creator updates the modification. It has become a standard that any digital distribution platform should incorporate.

If you have already received your latest Windows 10 update, you can check your newly added Program Files folder called ‘ModdableWindowsApps.’ Given that a new Xbox client for PC is currently in beta — and, by all accounts, is quite competent — it looks like this is a part of Microsoft’s overarching initiative to gain lost momentum in the PC-gaming market.

With the bargain Xbox Games Pass for PC, Microsoft appears to be serious in its intent to become a noteworthy competitor in the digital distribution arena.

What do you think about Microsoft’s relationship to the PC gaming community? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images courtesy of IGDB/Halo: The Master Chief Collection press kit, Willfried Wende from Pixabay, Twitter/@Halo/@wccftechdotcom.

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