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Minecraft Earth Opens Early Access for United States




If you are in the United States and have access to an iOS or Android device, you can opt to try out augmented reality game Minecraft Earth.

After making the testing grounds in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Mexico, it’s finally time for Americans to find out what Microsoft has in store for them with the highly-anticipated Minecraft Earth.

Just like Pokemon Go, Minecraft Earth will take advantage of your smartphone’s GPS sensor to create a more engaging and socially-involved gaming experience — all within the mechanics and constraints of the most popular game ever created, Minecraft.

It is difficult to describe what an augmented reality game feels like since it relies on intangibles — but here is a handy reminder.

To set off early access in the U.S., Microsoft is running a parallel event called Mobs in the Park. This is an “experiential event” confined only to three major cities: New York, Sydney, and London. If you are lucky to be living in one of them, you will see random mobs coalescing into augmented existence.

In each of the three cities, you will find life-sized statues in Minecraft Earth. They will trigger adventures so that you can get obtain an exclusive Jolly Llama mob — one that will not be globally available until late in December.

The exact locations of the statues are as follows:

  • Hudson Yards (New York City, US)
  • The Queen’s Walk (London, UK)
  • Campbell’s Cove (Sydney, AU)

The experiential events will run from 10 am to 7 pm for the next three weekends.


Image courtesy of IGDB/Minecraft press kit.

As always, be mindful of your surroundings while you explore them. You don’t want to become a news item for the wrong reasons.

Images and videos courtesy of YouTube, IGDB/Minecraft press kit.

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