Pandemic Weighs on Everyone Shoulders says Mayors


The coronavirus pandemic weighs on everyone’s shoulders, but it weighs especially on mayors , who in the last year have had to face, from the front line, unprecedented situations, unpredictable crises, both in the health field and in the economic and Social. On the first anniversary of the coronavirus, EL PERIÓDICO talks with some Catalan councilors to find out how they have lived these months.

The lack of support from higher administrations and the scarcity of resources are some of their complaints. Citizen collaboration and solidarity networks that have been woven in this time are, on the contrary, some of the elements that have been reinforced during this time and that trust that they have come to stay.

The great savior of Barça . Equal parts businessman and entrepreneur, José Elías Navarro (1976, Badalona) is the owner of three listed companies and other companies. And now the last to sign an endorsement that unlocks the future of Barça and opens a new stage full of unknowns, risk and illusion, precisely the preferred playing field of an unusual businessman but of proven solvency.

“I will be the last to sign, so I will sign whatever is missing”, he advanced before the final signature of the guarantee of 124.6 million euros for the accounts of Barça. Elías confesses himself “a great admirer and follower of Joan Laporta ” and that is why he wants to be “behind” his project with his heritage.
There is a pandemic, yes. There are restrictions, too.

But the restaurants don’t stop. Some are brand new, others are renewed. And we have been to these five in the last few days. Five good restaurants you should go to before the end of the month.

Iván Castro has incorporated chefs Fran Agudo and Jaume Marambio, two former El Barri, into his small space to take it further. These are some of the dishes that Pau Arenós tried during his visit.

codium seaweed pod with ‘kimchi’ butter, beet flower with blinis, caviar and eel, artichoke flower, crunchy filo pasta stuffed with dashi cream and with cockles on top, ‘sisho’ leaf in tempura with double chin and sea urchin … If you want to know what others ate at the Mont Bar restaurant , click here.

The pentastar chef has devised the menu for this restaurant in Sant Antoni that roasts chicken from the Empordà farm previously macerated for 24 hours with a mixture of 15 fresh herbs and Amontilla wines. The menu is short but unbeatable in addition to the chicken a l’ast, picantón, wings, ‘fingers’, muffin with thigh, roasted meat, baked sweet potato All of this can be eaten in its spacious premises, taken home or ordered at home. More details about the Chickoa restaurant , here.

Italian chef Nicola Valle and Anglo-Moroccan Badr Bennis dare to give traditional Italian preparations a shake. Tasty example: the ‘linguine aglio, olio’ and ‘pepperoni’, lobster, avocado and cardamom oil. Also, the drinks name classic rock bands or artists. If you want to read the chronicle of Pau Arenós about the Benzina restaurant , click here.

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