Goody: A Shopping Center Dedicated To Wellness


The wellbeing emergency we are experiencing has illustrated, in the event that it was as yet required, the significance of electronic business in our lives. It has occurred with numerous entrances, including Gôody by Gôody Help Co, a ” omnichannel commercial center that offers in excess of 100 4.0 administrations identified with wellbeing and home consideration,” as indicated by its CEO and fellow benefactor, María Quintas. It stands apart proudly that in its first month of life it aggregated 10,000 one of a kind clients on its site, an exhibit of what was to come.

“We don’t have direct rivalry as such on the grounds that our idea is spearheading, however we do have rivalry in the administrations or territories in which we work. What makes us uncommon is the way that we are an omnichannel administration, while reaching clients both on the web, at home or in the middle “. Quintas says that a portion of his associates didn’t consider this choice until they became more acquainted with his organization. “The circumstance produced by the pandemic has confirmed that web based business can be another business channel, and significantly more important than the others.”

This Galician, who experienced childhood in Dunkirk (France) and concentrated in the US, alludes to her organization as “the Amazon of prosperity”. Among its in excess of 100 administrations identified with wellbeing and individual prosperity, they offer “from nursing aides to the consideration of the older or infants, homegrown laborers, medical care of the most basic strengths in our everyday, (for example, gynecology, pediatrics, brain research, sustenance, physiotherapy …); fitness coaches, lawful counsel, instructing , kids’ occasions or providing food “. Also, they have research facilities for clinical examination and an online drug store.

Offspring of the Covid

The Covid emergency got them at the dispatch of the stage, so they had to zero in on the necessities existing apart from everything else, making a Coronavirus division “in record time”. “We understood that there was a finished absence of data. We have been pioneers in free online mental administrations and in going with training for the old, just as in home conveyance of solidified precooked food “, clarifies Quintas.

Different specializations

Gôody’s way of thinking is essentially founded on the customized treatment of the individuals who look for security and need to be forward-thinking on issues, for example, preventive medication or supportability. “We unequivocally trust in subspecialties. We get to that degree of detail. Like when you go to the physiotherapist for back or lumbar torment, or to the nutritionist for a baby blues diet “, outlines the prime supporter. “We look for that the administration is really adjusted to the requirements of the customer, that it is straightforward and that it causes them to feel in great hands, since we accept that every individual is extraordinary and ought to be treated accordingly.”

In the medium term, he foresees, “we will dispatch an application and a man-made brainpower framework that ensures look in the most computerized and proficient route conceivable, with experts 24 hours per day,” envisions the thin counsel of the youthful organization.

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