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Nintendo Switch Can Be Turned Into an Android Device



Nintendo Switch

If you are willing to perform some unofficial tampering on your Nintendo Switch, you can turn it into a powerful multimedia device that hosts all the apps you can find on the Android platform.

All digital technology is composed of bits of code designed to run specific hardware as efficiently as possible. Sometimes, there is an interface opening to run a different kind of code on the same hardware. This is exactly the case with the popular Nintendo Switch handheld/home console hybrid.

Last year, exciting news broke that the Nintendo Switch can run external code, thanks to a discovered exploit. Since then, clever modders have made progress in making the the hardware serve beyond its intended design.

Turning your Nintendo Switch into an Android device apparently will not endanger its main functionality — playing Nintendo games.

As xdadevelopers demonstrate in this video, the extended capability can run entirely off of an SD card!

Amazingly, even your trusty Joy-Cons will work natively.

The variety of possible applications will be immense, from emulating old games to using the dedicated gaming hardware as a Netflix device by docking it to your TV.

Of course, the dedicated gaming device is not a smartphone, so any app that requires GPS, microphone, or a camera will not work as intended. Nonetheless, as the extended capability doesn’t require tampering with the system’s own memory, the risk of turning your Nintendo Switch into an Android hybrid is removed.


Image by Pasi Mämmelä from Pixabay.

Keep in mind that this unofficial Android port is just the first version, so it will hold some bugs. The Android ROM switchroot is based on the Nvidia Shield TV, so you can expect the same kind of multimedia capability and performance.

What do you think about turning the Nintendo Switch into an Android device? Let us know in the comments below! 

Images/video courtesy of Pasi Mämmelä/Anthony Ashley from Pixabay, YouTube/xdadevelopers.

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