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Nintendo Switch Lite Officially Announced: Here Are the Details



Nintendo Switch Lite colors

Nintendo has officially announced the Nintendo Switch Lite — a more portable, handheld-only version of the popular home console/handheld hybrid.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will launch on September 20 and carry an MSRP of $199.99.

The refreshed version of the hardware will come in three colors:

  • Yellow
  • Gray
  • Turquoise

Nintendo will also make available a screen protector and carrying case set for the handheld-only device.

Nintendo Switch Lite: What’s the Difference?

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be smaller than its predecessor and lack both its kickstand and TV-output support. As such, it will not come packaged with a dock or HDMI cable. It also does not have removable Joy-Cons, the HD Rumble feature, or an IR Motion Camera.

The lighter offering weighs in at 3.6 inches high, 8.2 inches long, and .55 inches deep.

The screen size is a reduced 5.5″ touch screen, as compared to the older Nintendo Switch’s 6.2″ touch screen.

Nintendo also claims that the hardware will have slightly longer battery life of three-to-seven hours, as compared to its predecessor’s 2.5-6.5 hours.

Naturally, the handheld-only hardware can only play games that support handheld mode. If a game does not support handheld mode, players can only play it by connecting compatible wireless controllers. Joy-Cons, obviously, cannot be charged by the Lite device.

Nintendo Switch Lite yellow

Image courtesy of BusinessWire.

Is There an OLED on the Way?

Rumors have also swirled for months now that Nintendo is also working on a beefier version of the Nintendo Switch.

We at Joystickr speculate that a ‘premium’ version of the Nintendo Switch may include a slightly-larger OLED screen — which would truly be a fantastic improvement — and some form of 4K upscaling for higher-definition televisions.

However, this remains pure speculation until Nintendo either confirms or denies the existence of another upgrade.

What do you think about the Nintendo Switch Lite? Do you think a more powerful piece of hardware is in the works? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of BusinessWire, Twitter/@NintendoAmerica.

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