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Nintendo Switch Soon Offering New Joy-Con Colors



Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller

More options to make your favorite gaming console stand out from the crowd are always a good thing. Now, the Nintendo Switch will soon be offering more colors of Joy-Con controllers. 

In the age of omnipresent smartphones capable of providing a solid mobile gaming experience, one may have thought that a dedicated mobile gaming console would fail. Such doubts were dispelled by the Nintendo Switch — which has enjoyed a great worldwide reception as a handheld/home console hybrid. In fact, it is no overstatement to say that Nintendo Switch saved Nintendo from a post-Wii slump. The hybrid gaming console raised Nintendo’s stock to its highest in seven years.

Alongside new games to play on the device coming throughout the year, you can soon choose from new color schemes for your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

The new addition of color schemes joins the previous two sets — the Splatoon-themed green and pink and Mario-themed red Joy-Cons.

This time the offer is limited to two sets of colors:

  1. Purple and neon orange.
  2. Blue and neon yellow.

The purple and orange set is reminiscent of the Waluigi character in Nintendo’s Mario franchise. Bedecked in all-purple shirt, Waluigi also wears bright orange shoes. (You didn’t really think that everything Nintendo does is not carefully considered and referential, did you?)

Nintendo Switch

Image by joatseu from Pixabay.

The $80 price tag may be rather steep, but not too steep for many Nintendo fans who appreciate the Joy-Con’s feel, HD rumble, and accurate motion controls. The price tag also pales in comparison to the Xbox One Elite controllers from Microsoft, which cost nearly an arm and a leg — though, those, too, are quality peripherals.

Both color schemes will be available from October 4 of this year.

What do you think of the new Nintendo Switch Joy-Con color schemes coming this fall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Images courtesy of InspiredImages from Pixabay, joatseu from Pixabay,  Twitter/@NintendoAmerica.

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