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Path of Exile Adds a Tower Defense Mode



Path of Exile

It is that time of the year again when Path of Exile integrates previous seasons while entering a new one. This time, the new season is called Blight.

Released in 2013, not many thought that Path of Exile would turn into such an ARPG juggernaut and eclipse even Diablo III with consistent new content and replayability.

Thanks to its masterful gem and skill node schemes, which enables characters to expand into a wide variety of directions regardless of their initial origin, Path of Exile showed everyone how a true ARPG is done.

The latest expansion/season, Blight, itself brings enough reasons to once again revisit this long-standing marvel of a free-to-play game.

In previous expansions, you would have to overcome the triggering of certain events. This time, the new Path of Exile season brings a more involved approach in the form of tower defense gameplay.

Blight-enhanced creatures can only be effectively stopped by building defense structures. Each tower can afflict the type of damage the creature is the most vulnerable to.

The defense towers convey all the types of damage and debilitating effects, such as shock, chill, freeze, burn, stun, and debuff. On top of that, certain towers can even empower your character β€” if you prefer to use is as the main damage multiplier for more dynamic gameplay.

As you engage Blight in endgame maps, you will have a chance to reap even greater rewards, but the engagements will be far riskier. According to Grinding Gear Games devs, these rewards will be the most rewarding yet.

Path of Exile

Image courtesy of GetPressKit.

In addition to Blight’s tower defense mechanic, the new season also brings tweaks to character specializations β€” mine saboteur, necromancer, and poison assassin.

Every Path of Exile season further enhances the gameplay and increases the depth of already rich content, but this season seems to offer more incentives than usual.

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Images/videos courtesy of GetPressKit, YouTube.

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