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Pokémon GO Adds New Attacks, Reverts Switching Ability



Pokémon GO Mewtwo Pikachu

The developers of Pokémon GO are adding new mechanics and more attacks for specific Pokémon in the ultra-popular augmented reality mobile game.

The following Pokémon are now able to learn the following new moves:

  • Alolan Raichu can learn Grass Knot
  • Vileplume can learn Sludge Bomb
  • Hypno can learn Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch
  • Electrode can learn Foul Play
  • Aerodactyl can learn Rock Throw
  • Articuno can learn Ancient Power, Ice Shard
  • Zapdos can learn Ancient Power, Drill Peck
  • Moltres can learn Ancient Power, Wing Attack
  • Sceptile can learn Dragon Claw
  • Aggron can learn Smack Down
  • Claydol can learn Mud-Slap
  • Bronzong can learn Bulldoze, Psyshock
  • Electivire can learn Ice Punch

Some Pokémon can also learn never-before-seen moves. Raichu, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Wobbuffet, Granbull, Donphan, Gardevoir, Delcatty, Latias, Togekiss, and Gallade can learn ‘Charm,’ which is a Fairy-type Fast Attack. Meanwhile, Blastoise, Raichu, Lapras, Snorlax, and Rhyperior can learn ‘Skull Bash,’ which is a Normal-type Charged Attack. The latter attack boosts the user’s Defense stat every single time it is used.

The new attacks help provide more balance and possibilities to the affected Pokémon. For example, Electrode can only currently learn Normal type and Electric-type attacks. The addition of Foul Play provides more type coverage. Claydol’s new attack, meanwhile, boosts its ability to handle opponents that have resistance to Psychic-type attacks.

Armored Mewtwo

Mewtwo has also returned to the game in a new form — Armored Mewtwo.

The Psychic-type creature may be found in five-star raids for a limited time. He will no longer be discoverable on July 31 at 1 pm PDT.

Switching Pokémon: Back to the Old Rules

The developers of the popular game have also removed the tweak they added to the switching Pokémon mechanic in Trainer Battles after the new ability didn’t go over as well as anticipated. As such, Trainer Battle mechanics have reverted back to the old set of rules.

Pokémon GO Squirtle

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay.

What do you think about the new attacks for Pokémon GO? Do you still play the popular augmented reality mobile game? Let us know in the comments below!

Update 2019-07-12 (1:23 PM): The headline and final section have been updated to reflect the fact that switching Pokémon has not been removed, only the newly-implemented mechanic. Thanks to Reddit user knitnetic for the clarification.

Images courtesy of IGDB/Pokémon GO press kit, Twitter/@PokemonGoApp, Tumisu from Pixabay. Video courtesy of YouTube/The Official Pokémon YouTube channel.

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