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Project Resistance Gameplay Has Been Poorly Received



Project Resistance

After the huge hit that was the remake of Resident Evil 2, people were hankering for more Resident Evil in the same engine. A co-op survival Project Resistance might not be it.

When Joystickr reported on the first trailer for Project Resistance, along with the info that one player will assume the role of a Mastermind who lays out traps and spawns zombies, people were justifiably excited.

However, it looks like these features, on paper, might not be so entertaining when it comes to actual gameplay.

Almost all reactions to the gameplay were scathing.

There are several problems with the gameplay that are immediately obvious:

  • There are small rooms where all the survivors are constantly in each other’s way, inducing body clipping.
  • Spawning is immersion-breaking — the ‘right in-your-face’ kind. (Look closely at the 7:45 mark when the Mastermind spawns Mister X.)
  • Immediately after getting choked to death by Mister X, the survivor respawns as nothing happened.
  • The French Mastermind talks incessantly, generously deploying quips, puns and threats —but we already know that death is of no consequence!

Other than that, the animations and visuals are solid — which means that the game remains on solid foundations. Almost all of the problems mentioned can be fixed with minor tweaks. However, the role of Mastermind will have to be reworked to a greater degree.

Project Resistance

Image courtesy of Capcom.

Keep in mind that this gameplay was generated a from closed beta — so they might have already improved it. On the other hand, they may see nothing wrong with any of the issues listed above. They might view it as part-and-parcel of what a co-op Resident Evil game should be. They might simply think that the players should get used to a different beast. We will know for sure when the game releases at the end of this year — or in early 2020.

What do you think of Project Resistance? Let us know in the comments below!

Images/video courtesy of YouTube, Capcom.

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