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Project Resistance Is a Hybrid 4v1 Multiplayer Survival



Project Resistance

Taking the main features from Left 4 Dead and Evolve, Project Resistance aims to satisfy cravings for both intense horror and strategy. 

When the first CG trailer for Project Resistance came out, everyone thought it was going to be a spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead set in the Resident Evil universe dominated by a nefarious Umbrella Corporation — four diverse characters, each having signature weapon load-outs, fighting waves of zombies until the boss finale.

As more information comes out, it seems that Project Resistance borrows more from Evolve and Natural Selection.

In the latter title, you could play as a commander against the opposing team. In Evolve, you could play as an evolving mega-monster against four players.


Image courtesy of IGDB/Evolve press kit.

Project Resistance has you taking the place of the AI Director we grew familiar with in Left 4 Dead.

The one player in the 4v1 setup is called the Mastermind. With the help of a strategic deck of cards and security cameras, Mastermind will be able to track the survivors, spawn monsters, traps, and other environmental obstacles. No doubt, these would be akin to mini-puzzles we encountered in the Resident Evil 2 remake. (Speaking of which, the same impressive engine that powered RE2 remake will be employed in Project Resistance.)

If you tire from the strategery of being a Mastermind, you can take control of the monsters for some direct action — and even play as a boss, the relentless Mr. X.

Outside the Mastermind novelty, Project Resistance will follow the same third-person gameplay we’ve grown accustomed to in the Resident Evil franchise. Given that it is a multiplayer-only game, no doubt more characters and weapons will be introduced in the life span of the game.

Project Resistance

Image courtesy of Capcom.

Keep in mind that Project Resistance is still Capcom’s working title and is being developed with the cooperation with NeoBards Entertainment.

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Images/videos courtesy of YouTube, IGDB, Capcom.

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